Here´s my list. Do you agree?

1. Patti Austin – “Summer is The Coldest Time of Year”
Jam & Lewis goes Gamble & Huff and Philly. Add to that one of the most beautiful lyrics ever written.

2. Boyz II Men – “That´s Why I Love You”
A Melancolic Quiet Stormer that deserves much more acknowledge.

3. Alexander O´Neal – “A Broken Heart Can Mend”
Once one of our finest vocalists. On this song his voice became Divine – thanks to Jam & Lewis.

4. Janet Jackson – “Broken Hearts Heal”
Simple music is about balance. It is about taking 1 to 2 musical ideas, weaving them together and manipulating the musical elements just right. On this hidden rnb/pop gem from Janet’s “Unbreakable” they do everything right except climbing the charts.

5. Chaka Khan – “Angel”
Produced by Jimmy and Terry and written by Chaka Khan and songwriter extraordinary, the late James “Big Jim” Wright. Listen and enjoy to this masterpiece.

About Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

Jimmy Jam (James Samuel “Jimmy Jam” Harris III) and Terry Lewis (Terry Steven Lewis) are an iconic American music production and songwriting duo renowned for their significant contributions to the R&B, pop, and dance music genres. They rose to prominence in the 1980s and have since become legends in the music industry.

Originally hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis began their musical journey as members of the funk and soul band The Time, which was closely associated with Prince. However, it was their transition to songwriting and production that propelled them to widespread acclaim.

Their innovative production techniques and distinctive sound revolutionized contemporary music. They are credited with pioneering the “Minneapolis sound,” characterized by its synthesis of funk, rock, and electronic elements. Their production style often incorporates rich layers of instrumentation, intricate rhythms, and infectious melodies.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have worked with an array of top-tier artists, including Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Usher, and many more. Their collaboration with Janet Jackson resulted in numerous chart-topping hits, including “Control,” “Rhythm Nation,” and “All for You.”

Throughout their illustrious career, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have received numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Their enduring influence on contemporary music continues to resonate, making them one of the most celebrated and influential production duos in music history.

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