Gary Taylor has finally reconciled with his musical past!

Soulswede Music favorite Gary Taylor hasn’t released a new album or much music at all since the underrated Retro Blackness in 2006. It’s likely not due to a lack of creativity, but rather economic reasons. However, the drought is now partially over with the newly released album ‘From the Vault of the 80’s.’ The album contains material that Taylor recorded in the early 80s and will probably satisfy ‘G.T.’ fans more than ‘Compassion’ fans. The music is uptempo and represents the era well. It’s worth mentioning that the original version of ‘Just Gets Better with Time’ is included, a track that gave The Whispers one of their biggest recent successes.

Gary Taylor is one of the most underrated songwriters and producers of our time, with a knack for conveying music and lyrics that fit together perfectly. Strong melodies and lyrics that touch the heart, with love as the main ingredient. Both about the highest love and also about a plea to find it. “From the Vault of The 80´s” is currently being distributed on the major streaming platforms. “Take Your Time” is my pick from the album. What is yours?

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