Meet the trailblazer who coined the term Techno itself!

Dive into the electronic heartbeat of innovation with the legendary Juan Atkins – the Godfather of Techno and the trailblazer who coined the term itself! Join us for an exclusive interview as we unravel the sonic journey of the visionary behind the futuristic beats that transformed the music landscape.

From the birth of Detroit Techno to global domination, Atkins takes us on a transcendental ride through the origins and evolution of a genre that reshaped the very fabric of sound. Discover the untold stories, the pulsating rhythms, and the groundbreaking moments that solidified Juan Atkins as the pioneer of a movement. Witness the convergence of funk music’s groovy rhythms with the innovative sounds of the German electronica pioneers, Kraftwerk, as they collectively shape the groundbreaking genre of techno.

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