Continually Pushing the Envelope

Step into the sonic universe of Dave Lee, the visionary artist previously known as Joey Negro, whose musical tapestry has woven its way through the fabric of electronic dance music. With a discography as diverse as it is influential, Lee’s journey through genres has been nothing short of extraordinary. From soulful house anthems that pulse with infectious energy to disco-infused grooves that ignite dance floors worldwide, his mastery of rhythm and melody transcends boundaries.

Through his multifaceted productions and remixes, Dave Lee has continually pushed the envelope, blending elements of funk, soul, jazz, and beyond to create timeless compositions that resonate with audiences across generations. Whether it’s his groundbreaking work as a solo artist, collaborations with industry icons, or his role as curator of the esteemed Z Records imprint, Lee’s dedication to musical excellence remains unwavering.

In this exclusive interview, we uncover the inspirations behind his unparalleled creativity, explore the evolution of his sound, and discover the secrets behind his enduring legacy in the realm of electronic music. Join us as we embark on a captivating journey through the soundscape of Dave Lee, where every beat tells a story and every melody ignites the soul.

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