Welcome to Soulswede Music, where independence and self-sufficiency are not just values, but the very foundation of our existence. We take pride in being 100% independent and self-funded, free from external influences or affiliations. This commitment allows us to maintain unwavering dedication to delivering unbiased, honest, and transparent content. Our autonomy empowers us to prioritize the needs and interests of our users, ensuring that the information and services provided are solely driven by a genuine desire to serve and empower our community. Join us on a journey where authenticity and independence converge to create a trustworthy and reliable platform for quiet storm radio and music interviews tailored for you. ~ DJ Soulswede

Every song has a story, every album a journey, and every artist a path lush with life.  It is these mediums’ experiences, joys, pains, triumphs and disappointments that inform the soundtrack of our lives. How do they sing our song? How is it they have come to know us, strangers unseen, so clearly, so undeniably? These are the curiosities and alchemy that make music a kind of sorcery, a natural magic that illuminates our common humanity. This is the power of honest music. 

The Sky Studio, 2024

Unpacking soul’s power, stories, and the creative walks of these incredible men and women’s who this gift of music, are at the heart of what we do at SoulInterviews. We want to know these artists, as they seem to know us: intimately, respectfully, and with the compassion they show us in every heartfelt melody and soul stirring line. We are not interested in the celebrity gossip and innuendo that plague the famous. We are unconcerned with salacious talk; though indeed some of the tales artists candidly tell us are provocative, astonishing, or just an unexpected delight. We are hungry to discover the truth that bore the bass lines that are our blood beat and the melodies that weave the tapestry of our days. Ours is an exchange born of trust, mutual respect, and a shared wonder over music’s transformative abilities for both the artist and the listener. 

A connoisseur, advocate, music historian and journalist with three decades in the industry, DJ “Souly” Soulswede is the visionary and curator of these timeless, in-depth dialogues and the founder of SoulInterviews. Under his stewardship, this most respected of European websites is realizing its mission to bringing the “soul” back into soul by spotlighting those soul stars that do it best. One interview at a time, unencumbered by any other distractions, we keep fellow soul aficionados abreast of the latest and greatest narrating the stories behind the music in their own words. From the major label legends of yesteryear to the independent trailblazers of our now, progressive futurists to rootsy traditionalists, SoulInterviews engages them all with equal daring, humor and heart. Our highly interactive platform is the penultimate vehicle for providing a global audience to the musicians of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, and soulful house at their most confessional, but more than that SoulInterviews is a tool to connect people to the people whose inspirations make life a song worth singing. 

With insights and discoveries into a world that only these artists can share, you’ll have an experience with us unlike one with any other music site in the world. So, just pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable and join us for a spell. We’ve been waiting for you. 

By L. Michael Gipson

About the author:
His work has appeared in Clik, Pulse, Arise, Pride, Amplify, Swerv, Urban Dialect, Port of Harlem, Windy City Times and Creative Loafing Atlanta. He was the Soul Sessions Blog Leader at BET/Centric and is the Music Editor at www.SoulTracks.com.

L. Michael Gipson

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